Acid oceans: a more uncertain future for marine life as research shows how climate change is affecting plankton

Our oceans and the life in them face a more uncertain future because ocean acidification, caused by climate change, is altering the growth of phytoplankton, the organisms which are the basis of the entire food chain in the sea, a Swansea-led research team has shown. The team included researchers from Swansea University’s Centre for Sustainable…


RHI Opportunities in a Growing Sector

NAPIT are advising installers to take advantage of the industry growth generated through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Predictions are suggesting that the low carbon heating market could treble by 2017 [1]. Latest research into the UK residential market for low carbon heating products shows that this market will grow from 30,000 installations in 2014…


Council’s Carbon Management Programme boosted by IMServ’s energy management solutions

In 2010 Bedford Borough Council was selected to participate in the Carbon Trust’s Local Authority Carbon Management Programme. The programme was designed to help councils assess their baseline emissions, project future emissions, and identify a series of carbon management projects to lower emissions. Working in collaboration with the Carbon Trust, Bedford Borough Council developed a…


They don’t leave you out in the cold! EAS®-torque limiting clutches by mayr® power transmission for low temperatures down to -48°C

Raw materials extraction in Siberia and Mongolia at daytime temperatures of far below zero degrees Celsius presents enormous challenges to machines and all their components. Standard designs quickly reach their limits here. mayr® power transmission has now further developed its EAS®-element clutches so that they are also suitable for use at very low temperatures. Extensive…