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Motor sector collaboration will drive growth, says recycler

Greater collaboration between motor vehicle manufacturers and end-of-life vehicle (ELV) recyclers is essential to maximising future opportunities for technology, jobs and sustainability in both sectors, claims a leading plastics recycler. Welcoming the European ELV Directive’s 2015 target to recycle or recover 95% of the weight of end of life vehicles, Keith Freegard suggests this legislation…



By Gary Wheatley, Training and Technical Manager, Wilo UK Rainwater harvesting is becoming an increasingly relevant option here in the UK as the opportunities to include it in new and refurbishment projects grow. Rainwater harvesting put simply, is collecting rainwater which falls onto roofs, storing it and using it as a free resource. Rainwater harvesting…


How big data can lead to lower wind power costs

Advances in remote diagnostics for wind turbines are helping to extend service intervals and to identify potential issues before any harm is done, thus avoiding down time and contributing to lowering the costs associated with wind energy. Merete Hoe, head of diagnostics center, Siemens Wind Service, Brande, Denmark   Imagine you own a Formula 1…


What causes soil pollution, concerns associated with it, and what can be done to regulate it

Soil contamination—also known as soil pollution—is caused by the presence of manmade chemicals in the natural soil environment. It is often caused by some form of industrial activity, agricultural chemicals or the improper disposal of waste. The most common chemicals involved in soil pollution are petroleum hydrocarbons, pesticides and lead and other heavy metals. Soil…


Seepex in the Biogas Industry

Biogas plants play an increasingly important role in environmental protection around the world. Unlike burning fossil energy sources such as coal, natural gas or petroleum, biogas is CO2-neutral because the carbon dioxide released in the process is part of a natural cycle. In addition, the use of renewable biomasses, such as energy crops, helps to…